A zany pastry chef named Stephanie Petersen (AKA Chef Tess) became a mom.

She set aside her restaurant career to pursue that wonderful dream of raising children 

Along the way she learned a few things about herself.

First, it takes someone special to teach with love. Second, she was someone special.

Third, it was going to take a lifetime to reach all the people she wanted to teach. So it began. 

When her son went to kindergarten, she started selling spices to make a little extra money. 

She started teaching group and private cooking classes.

She started a food blog and got international attention for her ornate and decorative breads.  

TV producers found her and asked her again and again to come down and play on TV. 

Publishers found her and asked her again and again to write cookbooks.

Now with 8 years TV experience on every network in Phoenix and several in Utah,

she visits most stations about once a month as a guest chef.

Tess was the co-host on Fox News Radio "In the Kitchen" with Jan D'Atri for almost 2 years.

Recently she filmed 18 pilot episodes for her own TV show and is slated to air on international TV via TGoTV.com

starting on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV this fall 2016!

Tess has 4 nationally published cookbooks and many more on the way!  

We can say that we've only just begun to see where this crazy adventure will go!

If you want a cooking instructor, you've come to the right place.

If you want a private chef, you've come to the right place.

If you want someone for your TV or radio show Chef Tess is your girl!

Welcome. Look around. Join our wacky adventures. Keep moving onward and upward!

Once upon a time...